Shrinking Women

The Gubar and Gilbert article reminded me of this poem in a couple of ways. It was performed by a Barnard student at the College National Poetry Slam earlier this year, and I thought you all might find it compelling.


Trafficking, Prostitution and Inequality: A Public Lecture by Catharine MacKinnon

We haven’t really talked about prostitution/sex work in this course, but I came across a video of this lecture by Catharine MacKinnon at the University of Chicago in December of 2011 and thought it might be of interest to some of you.

“Catherine MacKinnon, the Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School specializes in sex equality issues under international and constitutional law. She pioneered the legal claim for sexual harassment and, with Andrea Dworkin, created ordinances recognizing pornography as a civil rights violation and the Swedish model for addressing prostitution. Representing Bosnian women survivors of Serbian genocidal sexual atrocities, she won Kadic v. Karadzic, whcih first recognized rape as an act of genocide. Her scholarly books include Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (1989), Sex Equality (2001/2007), and Are Women Human? (2006).

“In her visiting lecture to University of Chicago Law School students, Professor MacKinnon discussed issues raised in her book Are Women Human?: And Other International Dialogues. Her work exposes the consequences and significance of the systematic maltreatment of women and its systemic condonation by taking us inside the workings of nation-states, where the oppression of women defines community life and distributes power in society and government, and inside the heart of the international law of conflict to ask why the international community can rally against terrorists’ violence, but not violence against women.”