Bodylogues: A request for writers/performers

Would you tell me a story of yours?

I’ve heard incredible stories here, from very different people. Each of these people cracks me up and shocks me and makes me think, with the casual stories of their unique lives. And with every story I hear, my narrative of the people around me becomes a bit more enriched.

It’s narrative of the body – and woman’s body especially – that me and a few others came to question, starting with our involvement in the Vagina Monologues here at the University of Chicago. We became very aware of stories that weren’t being told, of a space for body-positive stories aware of their constraints in time and space – stories of people here at the University of Chicago. We want to tell those stories through the Bodylogues, a set of stories about the UChicago community today.
Your stories might involve women’s vaginas, but might speak of women’s lips instead, or their fingers or thighs or knuckles, during their midterms or parties or love stories or internships or relationships or prayers, of the things their bodies go through. You could identify as male, or female, or neither. Just living in this gendered world gives you a story to tell about it.

So tell me your story about your experience with the feminine, whoever you are. I hope to bring together a group of around 15 five-minute stories by the end of winter quarter, illustrations of the infinite, vividly different feminine experiences surrounding us every day right here. Send it (or any questions about the nature of this project, confidentiality-related or otherwise) to me at from now through Friday of second week next quarter – That’s January 17th. After a quarter of slowly tuning your story to say exactly what you want it to say with workshops and rehearsals, we’ll make it part of a performance for our friends in the spring – either through your own performance or through the anonymity of another performer’s voice. The nuances of this project are ultimately in your hands.

So, tell me your story?

UChicago Class of 2015