Shrinking Women

The Gubar and Gilbert article reminded me of this poem in a couple of ways. It was performed by a Barnard student at the College National Poetry Slam earlier this year, and I thought you all might find it compelling.


3 thoughts on “Shrinking Women

  1. Wow, this was great. And it really does echo a lot of the ideas from the Gubar & Gilbert, specifically about men learning from their forefathers and women from their foremothers. However, this video would suggest that women DO have a lineage of foremothers, but it is a stifled one. And because the women have been historically suppressed, so too are the future generations that follow. The G&G article might say that this lineage doesn’t even exist to begin with, right? (I am unsure)

  2. I also love hearing the crowd’s reaction to this. They get more and more impassioned as she goes on, as if hungry for and thrilled by an honest expression of a pointedly female experience–certainly one facet of feminine writing.

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