Yesterday’s movie inspired me to share with you all the title of one of my favorite movies. It is a Lebanese film called Caramel ( سكر بنات ). I think you can find it on iTunes for rental or purchase. Caramel follows the lives (and romantic struggles) of several different women who work at a salon in Beirut. Though some consider it a chick flick/romantic comedy, I think it definitely carries some cultural weight and value. The director, Nadine Labaki, is also the main actress  and a force to be reckoned with in Lebanese film (she has several other widely acclaimed movies). Let me know if you watch Caramel and we can talk about it!


3 thoughts on “Caramel

  1. Hey Andrea! This is Alice — I talked to you briefly about Caramel after class today. I got a chance to see the trailer and it looks great! Do you think our civ class would be up for an end of the quarter movie party? 🙂

    • Alice– what a lovely idea! I can see if we can get the gender studies building reserved during reading period for a screening.I’d offer my apartment but I don’t have a television….. I’ll also send out a doodle poll later on this week to see which date works best for those who are interested in attending!

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